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Grady - May 23, 2024
Grady (Decembe 15, 2009 - February 24, 2024).

Grady was an absolutely AMAZING dog. He was a wonderful pet, loving companion and true friend. He was our EVERYTHING!
Grady was our WILD to WONDERFUL story. Having come to us as a 10-month old rescue, and having had no training in his previous he  [...]
Mack - May 21, 2024
Rufus - May 20, 2024
Rufus was our gorgeous chocolate lab who came to us on New Year's Day 2010. We were so lucky to have him all the way until March 2024. He was a wonderful dog in every way. The sweetest personality - I don't think he ever met a dog or a person he didn't like. He loved to go for walks and to go in  [...]
Bristol - May 20, 2024
A true gift sent to us from God for almost 12 years. She showed each and every one of us what true unconditional love is supposed to look like. If her unconditional love is a fraction of what God's love is - I can't wait!

She gave us so many wonderful memories with her vibrant We  [...]
Maxx - May 20, 2024
Maxx was an amazing dog, with a big heart and big energy. He was a pure-bred Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, born in Vancouver, who was our family pet for 12 1/2 years. He brought us joy & laughter, he was a best friend & constant companion. He taught my children compassion & responsibility.  [...]
Chessie - May 16, 2024
In Memory of Chessie

I found my sweet Chessie at a breeder recommended to me by a trusted source.

It was love at first sight. Chessie was a ball retriever from a small puppy. We played fetch every day, always before breakfast and dinner, and any time in between. He was sweet, playful  [...]
Moto - May 13, 2024
Moto cat was born in a barn in Snohomish, WA in spring 2006 to a lovely tabby bob-tailed mouser. He was one of two tail-less kittens in the litter and his bold personality made him an instant favorite. In his nearly 18 years, he did not return to barn life, but instead enjoyed the comforts of next  [...]
Duchess - May 13, 2024
Duchess lived her young life as a barn cat out at Unionville Ranch. As she got older she spent a lot of her time inside the office until eventually she moved in full time and became an office cat.
She was a wonderful office assistant, always making sure to sit on your desk but never directly on  [...]
Fry - May 13, 2024
Fry was adopted on August 21, 2007 from King County Animal Control after having been found running in traffic in Renton, WA. He was approximately 7 months old Border Collie who had clearly previously had a loving home who taught him a range of tricks. Fry spent most of his 13.5 years in Seattle,  [...]
Edgar - May 09, 2024
Edgar made such an impact on our family’s life in just 7 short years. He was loyal, loving, a pleaser and the best companion. We miss you!