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Buddy - Sep 26, 2023
Randy was moving into a new house one day and Buddy came up to him very wearily, the neighbors asked if he was his dog, but he wasn't until that day. He was filthy, skinny, his hair all black and matted up. He had been living on the streets. So Randy got him some food and gave him a bath and found  [...]
Melissa - Sep 25, 2023
Melissa was incredibly sweet and affectionate. When I picked her up, she would lean back, and gently pet my face. For many years, she would come up to me at bedtime every night and "ask" to spoon with me (by kneading and tapping my shoulder). She'd come up next to me, then lay down just under my  [...]
Bailey - Sep 25, 2023
Bailey was our beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever. He loved to hike, play frisbee and retrieve balls. His large brown eyes revealed a sweet and gentle soul. He was diagnosed with Degenerative Neuropathy, a progressive paralysis. At 11 years, we chose to euthanize him. Bailey brought love and  [...]
Bella - Sep 25, 2023
Bella was all my childhood dreams come to life. She was perfect with me, my children, and grandchildren.
Tara - Sep 25, 2023
In the foreground is sweet Tara's older brother who became her constant protector these many months of her cancer. We wanted them to share one more summer. Opened all our gates and they ruled the farm for 8 months. We said our goodbyes. Prince mourned. He quit eating for a week. Over 20 years here  [...]
Rylie - Sep 19, 2023
Rylie was with us for 15 years. He led a very loved and spoiled life. He passed away peacefully in his sleep on Labor Day.
Hank - Sep 18, 2023
Hank was the greatest dog we could've ever asked for. He made such a huge impact on our lives with his goofy and loving personality. Hank never failed to put a smile on our faces, and made our lives so much more enjoyable. He also taught us so much about life.

First - You can never have too many  [...]
Squeaker - Sep 18, 2023
Squeaker was the sweetest little boy, he got along great with my corgi and really loved my husband and I. He was beautiful and perfect and I'm lucky I got to take care of him.
Sweet Pea - Sep 13, 2023
To tell the story of Sweet Pea would take a book. And there are too many stories to select just one to share. Suffice it to say that defective as her little heart was, she had the heart of a lion. It was also the sweetest. We were given a wonderful gift in sharing her life for four years longer than  [...]
Buddy Hall - Sep 13, 2023
Nine years ago, a tiny little gray tabby was brought into our Bonners Ferry Veterinary Clinic. To prevent it from going to the wrong person, our staff said, "Dr. Hall you HAVE to take this kitten home!" So Sweet Buddy Blue Eyes became the loyal companion to Dr. Roland and Linda Endow Hall. Buddy  [...]