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Bella - Dec 01, 2022
She was the best most loyal girl. Very stubborn but the best cuddle buddy. My days will not be the same without her.
Ruthie - Nov 29, 2022
We are heartbroken as we had to say goodbye to my retired ATF K-9 Ruthie this morning. She crossed the rainbow bridge peacefully on her bed at the age of 14 years, 3 months. I was lucky to have her as my K9 partner since 2009! She survived cancer twice, once in 2011 and again 2.5 years ago. She had  [...]
Miss Eliza - Nov 29, 2022
Miss Eliza and her siblings were abandoned by their momma during an attempt to rescue them all. I took her in and she gave me joy in return.
Oliver - Nov 29, 2022
Oliver Stanley Eastern 2/1/2006-8/15/2022. Oliver was my little treasure and devoted companion. He was silly and clever and my joy boy. From the moment I brought him home, he was my shadow. We had a bond I never could have imagined. I don’t remember life before him. My heart is broken to have had to  [...]
Rocky - Nov 28, 2022
Rocky was a bright, lively, caring, friendly, and beautiful Maltese. He grew up playing in the snow in Denver, Colorado and he eagerly would hop into his travel bag to go on adventures. As an adult, he moved to Los Angeles where he enjoyed playing with his friends at his local park, taking walks in  [...]
Jessie - Nov 28, 2022
Jessie was a beautiful, energetic English Setter. She was our everything. She was loyal, super sweet with young children, and was all about having fun. Jessie was an excellent hunting companion and admired by all that she met. We are so grateful for the 12.5 years she was with us.
Clodia - Nov 28, 2022
Our sweet little Clodia was giving us love and happiness for more than 16 years. We picked her from Oregon when she was just six weeks old, it was immediate connection and love. She adopted us and our other pug Tullius. We were so lucky to have these two angels in our life.
Arwen - Nov 28, 2022
Arwen came to our family as an adoptee from the Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue in 2015. She quickly took over as the leader of the pack and had Mom, Dad and son swooning over her every need. As a rescued dog found wandering the streets of Tacoma half-hairless having been thrown out of a puppy  [...]
Clarence - Nov 28, 2022
Clarence was a handsome, sweet boy. He liked all the people who visited and was always wanting pets from them. He was my lap cat. Clarence had some medical issues, but had a good life thanks to Donald Cox, DVM and the Connecticut Veterinary Clinic. We had him for 16 years which wasn’t long enough.  [...]
Ashley - Nov 23, 2022
Ashley was found at one of our apartment buildings in Richland Washington. She was a special girl! She brought so much joy and love in our live's. She loved our other cats and liked to snuggle with them. Her favorite treats were Temptations! She would get so excited when it was treat time! We have  [...]