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Lucy - May 23, 2023
Lucy was given to me by my daughter Maggie when my husband was working
in Italy. I had never had a pet before, and she thought it would be a good idea
to get me a kitten. I was hesitant at first. It turned out to be the best gift she ever gave to me.
I had her for 15 years. I never realized how  [...]
Sophie - May 23, 2023
Sophie was my first Saint. She was the kindest, most loving baby ever! When I went through the loss of my son, Sophie never left my side. She knew I needed her more than she needed me❤️ Love you miss you pretty lady❤️
Luna - May 16, 2023
Luna was my first dog on my own right out of college. She was with me through so many adventures, mishaps, and milestones in life. Losing her was like losing the biggest piece of my heart. Everyone who knew me in college has a Luna story, and she was the inspiration for countless memes. Luna gave so  [...]
Bee - May 15, 2023
Bee was my wonderful cat for many years. He had a brother, Sting, who passed away a few years before he did. Bee was the sweetest cat I could’ve ever had, and he and Sting together were my 13th birthday present. He was with me always, and will be missed.
Hala - May 12, 2023
Hala was a lovely, lovely dog. She was rescued from an Oregon PM at the age of 7 and was a delight from Day 1. She was my constant companion and we delighted in each other. I miss her desperately!!! The last almost year of her life was spent with some dear friends who also had 2 cairn terriers.I  [...]
Gilligan - May 08, 2023
Gilligan and I celebrated our 8th Homecoming on April 11, 2023. He came into my life shortly after I lost my beloved Buddy, leaving behind his sister Daisy without a companion. Gilligan was named Matt at the adoption center due to his matted down long hair. I had no idea I was adopting a cat as  [...]
Willy - May 08, 2023
Willy loved to stick his tongue out and get his cheeks slapped. I think he both enjoyed the feeling and the sound that it made- like a rock falling into water. He loved learning and cruising around. He knew so many tricks I could ask him for an entirely new behavior, and he would figure it out He  [...]
Suzi - May 08, 2023
We adopted Suzi Q after seeing her on the Old Dog Haven’s website. Her human had passed & the remaining extended family did not want her. We instantly fell in love with her from the 1st moment we met. She crawled right into our laps & sweetly gave and received affection to our delight. She came home  [...]
Luce - May 08, 2023
Luce was a 1-year old rescue from Yakima, and scars on her face were a glimpse into a difficult start. But you would never know it.

We named her Luce – Italian for “light” – all those years ago, and every day for 16 years she shined with a brave, happy little spirit. Her resilience and pure joy,  [...]
Goose - May 02, 2023
It was the fall of 2012 and I had just transitioned from 9 years of active-duty Army to a civilian job two years before. I was having difficulty with my transition is probably and understatement. I had been to the shelter before but just could not find a dog that was a good fit. On an unusually bad  [...]