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Blackie - Mar 11, 2024
Blackie showed up at our house in rural SW Washington in the winter of 2010. She was very skittish at first but would eat cat food if you left it for her and then gave her some privacy. She was a petite little cat and we worried that she would have trouble surviving the winter without some shelter  [...]
Tigger - Mar 04, 2024
I rescued Tigger shortly after I bought my house in 2016, a much needed companion back then for my Golden Retriever and I. 7 years later Tigger defied all odds outlasting two chronic medical issues that normally bring old male cats down fast. He became the mascot of my AirBnB and entertained of  [...]
Mishka - Mar 04, 2024
Mishka made me a better person. She was sunshine packed in a little precious body. I love and adore her more than words can convey. Simply put, my heart aches.
Gumby - Mar 04, 2024
Gumby was such a good dog. He was always happy to make new friends and see old ones, and loved to play ball and keep-away. He loved the beach and the dog park. We will miss him terribly.
Maxwell - Feb 29, 2024
Maxwell was my loyal buddy for ten years. He came into my life as my wife was dying and was such a loving, funny and caring Westie. He taught me more about life than anyone and I found if I carefully listened to him, he helped me through lots of challenges. I miss him greatly and feel like a key  [...]
Carlos - Feb 27, 2024
Sometime in June 2009, I escorted a friend to an adoption fair at a local pet store in Colorado Springs. She was feeling in a slump in the marathon of graduate school, and considered adopting a cat to add some spice to life. I was well known as an animal lover, and she asked me to join her to scope  [...]
Emma - Feb 26, 2024
Emma was the best companion a person could have. After my husband passed she would not leave my side. She followed me everywhere and was always quick to give kisses and snuggles.
Albe - Feb 22, 2024
In the summer of 2014 I was asked to help a breeder of Australian Shepards care for 2 litters of puppies, that would be born in Sept, as we prepared them for their new homes. So for 8 weeks I went to the litter and fed, nurtured, cleaned up after, learned about, personality and disposition tested  [...]
Lucy - Feb 21, 2024
Lucy will be remembered as a sassy, Brindle Pug who nurtured our family in times of sickness and loved to "play toy" with her Nylabone. She has a perfect cinnamon bun shaped double curled tail which would slowly unravel when she would sleep and she insisted on long belly rubs whenever she had a  [...]
Chad - Feb 21, 2024
Chad (Chaddy the Pug) was a sweet, loving dog who never lost his "puppy." He loved his Mama, spending many an evening comfortably snuggled in Mom's lap snoring away. We miss him so much!