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Bentley Boy - Feb 21, 2024
How to begin? Our boy Bentley was born on March 3, 2008 and left us on January 31, 2024. I know most people with a dog say that they are the best, but we honestly think that Bentley was the best dog in the entire world. He had so many wonderful qualities and of course he did have a tendency to be  [...]
Gypsy - Feb 19, 2024
Gypsy joined our family in late 2020. She was all about people. Always needing people, always wanting attention, always wanting to sit on you. She was the dog of infinite density and insisted on sitting right on your chest. We called it the Gypsy Smash. She loved hiking and camping and doing She  [...]
Lady - Feb 19, 2024
I suddenly lost my beloved Lady Griz Girl on Feb. 2, 2024. I miss her terribly. Thank you to WSU Alum Cheri Brennan for creating this Memorial for my precious girl. Bio:
Lady, aka Lady Griz, a 14-year old, active senior cocker spaniel, makes friends wherever she goes. A University of Montana she  [...]
Bella - Feb 14, 2024
Bella lived to be almost 15 and was a very spicy girl! She did love to cuddle and had a very deep purr. She was silly and curious but always in control - a true Aries. Thank you for taking the time to recognize and memorialize my special girl. She haunts my dreams and is in heaven chasing mice. She  [...]
Popeye - Feb 14, 2024
Popeye was the best horse I’ve ever owned. He was a challenge at first, but we became the best team ever. I had him for 12 short years and he will be greatly missed.
Roonie - Feb 12, 2024
Roonie was the best. She loved all people, agility, hiking, swimming or just chilling on our lawn waiting for the UPS driver to arrive so she could race him along the fence. At some point she was able to catch up to six frisbees in her mouth! Other dogs were not quite her cup of tea, except for her  [...]
Andy - Feb 12, 2024
We adopted when he was 3 years old. He was an awesome dog! He loved to eat, go for rides, short walks, carrots, green beans and people! He was always up for a nap and he was ready to go to bed at 8:30 pm and would stare at us like "it's time to go to bed!"
Oscar - Feb 12, 2024
Our beloved, beautiful, loving, wonderful Oscar passed away at the far too young age of 11. He leaves behind his best friend, Kiki, and his adoring family of humans who will always feel gratitude for having had him in our lives.

We love you, sweet baby.
Teddy - Feb 12, 2024
Teddy the Toller Teddy Ted TedmanTed Big Boy Ted

Our beloved Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
February 3, 2010 - December 11, 2023

Lover of long trail walks, beach runs, car rides, tennis balls, big sticks, cozy beds, and waffle days!

Constant companion to Oscar  [...]
Mason - Feb 12, 2024
Mason came to me almost 13 years ago and was my best friend. I was single and had finally stopped working roles that created traveling assignments, and I was happy to adopt him. Since then I have gotten married and started a family, and we added a few other animals to our home, but Mason will be  [...]