When you give to the WSU Pet Memorial Program:

  • We send the pet owner a personal letter of condolence recognizing the close human-animal bond.
  • We invite pet owners to post a photo and story about their beloved pet.
  • You help us offer the highest level of treatment to our animal patients.
  • You help provide the best quality education to our veterinary students.
  • Funds from the Pet Memorial Program were used to support the campaign to purchase a new MRI.
  • Gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

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The WSU Pet Memorial Program is a way for you to offer meaningful comfort to those who have lost an animal companion or for those who want to make a lasting memorial of their own.

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Complete a memorial with picture and a story if you have a validation code. This code is located at the bottom of the letter you received from WSU.

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My deepest appreciation and admiration for all you do and your very special understanding of our loss of dear Layla. She was such a blessing to us, and somewhere in Dog Heaven.

She had big floppy ears and a nub for a tail, which is why her name suited her so well. She could even bounce like a bunny rabbit, but would much rather chase them if she got the chance.

Cupid was also a beauty queen. She loved to lay in the sun until she was panting. Hated going in the water (for fear it might mess up her hair) and thought our yellow lab was crazy for going swimming.