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J.J. - Feb 12, 2024
J.J. was such a loving dog. I called him my Medicare dog as I received him for my 65th birthday. We miss him so much.
David DeGrasse - Jan 31, 2024
David picked me. He was a stray who came into my yard - a dog I didn’t want. I already had a dog, a big dog - an Italian Mastiff (Cane Corso). I shooed the stray out but he was persistent and found his way in again, in spite of fencing (he dug his way under the fence). I called Bob’s Rescue who  [...]
Star-Lord - Jan 30, 2024
My sweet mama's boy. I'll miss you forever Star-Lord.
Ziggy - Jan 29, 2024
🌈🐕❤️🌈 Lord, pets were one of your greatest creations. Ziggy who was a rescue, brought us so much joy, laughter, friendship and unconditional love. We praise you for your wisdom in creating animals that enjoy the company of people. Thank you for the blessing of Ziggy for he is the very best boy  [...]
Ivy - Jan 29, 2024
One day she emerged from the greenery separating our house from our neighbor's backyard, this tiny grey and white cat with a distinctive voice. She was wary at first, running back into the vines at the sound of a human step. But day by day, she grew to trust us, eating the food we placed by her  [...]
Asti - Jan 29, 2024
Asti 2007- 2016

Champion show dog 2007 -2010

Beloved family member 2010-2023
Toast - Jan 29, 2024
My daughter had brought this tiny puppy home one night from a high school basketball game asking “may we keep her”?? She gave her the name “Toast” with the intention that this was going to be her dog. For some reason the dog adopted me, became obsessed with playing and she was at my side ever  [...]
Trixie - Jan 25, 2024
We first met Trixie when she was about two months old on a snowy December evening. She was a Christmas gift for our daughter, but of course for all of us too. We had to brave icy roads to get to her in Monroe and on the drive I asked, "what would it take for us to not bring her home with us"? Of  [...]
Tramp - Jan 25, 2024
Tramp joined our family at 8 weeks. Being a husky/doberman cross made for an interesting personality. He had the vocal abilities of the husky and the sweet loyality of both breeds. Right from day one, no matter where I was or doing I could count on Tramp being by my side. He loved to travel. he  [...]
Lady - Jan 25, 2024
Lady was a very special pup. She was a stray that could not be caught for several days in an apartment complex. My 7 yr old special needs granddaughter happened to be outside and Lady jumped in her arms. Lady became her therapy dog for the emotional support. Lady helped Sydnee compete in the 4H  [...]