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Trigger - Apr 02, 2024
For 16 years Trigger has been by my side pretty much every day. He will forever be a part of me and will always live in my heart. He was a good boy.
Tiger - Mar 27, 2024
Tiger was a funny little man. He twerked. He would run on the beach - stop and then run back next to us to make sure we were safe. He snuggled with his brother Buster and his cat brother Oliver. He was always ready for a ride in the jeep with the top down. He loved to cuddle. He was a good dog would  [...]
Isabel - Mar 26, 2024
What joy Isabel gave freely for 15 years and what a loss when we had to say good-bye. She was, shall we say, spoiled but deserved everything she "gently" requested. She was there for the fun times and hard times. May we meet again on the other side.
Shianne - Mar 26, 2024
Our precious Shianne was one of a kind. She was so sweet but such a little firecracker.

We all loved her so much and in return she gave us the love each of us needed. Everyone had their own routine with her. Whether it was morning birdwatching, afternoon coffee, or night time cuddles.

We  [...]
Annabelle - Mar 25, 2024
Annabelle was a Yorkshire Terrier who came into our lives a bit over 7 years ago. From the beginning, I took her hiking on the trails in the I-90 corridor: Mt. Si, Mailbox Peak, McClellan's Butte, Granite Mountain, Mt. Defiance, Rampart Lakes, Silver Peak and many others. She was quite the trooper  [...]
ONCY - Mar 21, 2024

How she got it, you may find interesting. I am an avid stock market nut and was trading a stock called Oncolytics. We had gotten the kitten several days before and still contemplating a name.

I had placed an order for stock, I do not recall if it was buy or sell, and by closing it  [...]
Tinker - Mar 20, 2024
We adopted Tinker from PAWS in Seattle when she was 6 years old. My young son fell in love with her from the moment their eyes met. I was a little reluctant because of her age and it was noted that she didn't like young children, noise or other pets. Needless to say, we brought her home and she a  [...]
Hoku - Mar 20, 2024
From the day he reached out and grabbed at my arm at the PAWS adoption center, Hoku ("star" in Hawaiian) provided me so much joy. He was with me through so many ups and downs, including my mom's long illness and then death in 2019, and the dark days of Covid lockdown. I feel so lucky for our time  [...]
Roki - Mar 18, 2024
“Hello? Mom?”

There is a sob on the other end of the line.

“Hi, Honey, can you hear me?”


I steeled myself to hear the news. I had been expecting it for years: Grandma’s most recent
heart attack was the last. These calls never come at a convenient time. Is there a convenient time?  [...]
Akvavit - Mar 13, 2024
Aki was born in November 2008. She saw my husband through his last year of life as he died from cancer. She saw me through my years of grief and depression and helped me come out the other side.
She was a dog in a cats body.