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Mattie - Feb 09, 2009
Our Mattie was the center of our universe for 10 precious years. He brought us love, sweetness and kisses. He taught us, through his actions, to live in the moment and to treat everyone with kindness.

He was a dirty little scruffy $40 pound puppy that we got from the shelter who, after a of  [...]
Magical Alex - Feb 09, 2009

Julie A.
Max - Feb 09, 2009
I got Max in June 1997, when he was no more than 8 weeks old. I picked him because he was the alpha of the litter, the family had named him "Hercules". We took to each other immediately. I remember the second day I had him, we went to a grassy park, and I just walked around and he followed me. up  [...]
Gleb - Feb 08, 2009
Gleb was with us for a very short time but he touched our lives deeply.

He was just 7 months old when he passed due to FIP; he is terribly missed. Sleep well our beautiful little boy.

Eric & Sarah W.
Durante - Feb 08, 2009
Durante was a big love, he was always wanting to be petted. We called him Moose as well; he was 16.8 pounds. We miss him. Sleep well Moose, we miss you.

Eric & Sarah W.
Dieter - Feb 08, 2009
Dieter was a momma's boy; he liked nothing better than a lap to sleep in. He was 17.5 years when he passed, he had a good long life. We miss him greatly. Sleep well our beautiful green-eyed boy.

Eric & Sarah W.
Gee Bee - Feb 06, 2009
June 2007

The grey, unwanted, and overly-timid sweetheart of an abandoned litter of six, Grey Baby who’d later become Gee Bee or Geebs for short, won us over with her shy demeanor. So different from her siblings, Gee Bee loved brushings, hiding under blankets, sleeping by day, and playing  [...]
Skitters - Feb 06, 2009
May 2007

Skitters found us on a warm summer’s eve. He seemed to know we’d help him, dehydrated and thin and almost completely bald. He had been closeted away in a neighbor’s attic and apparently eaten his own fur to survive. He came to stay in our garage, able to come and go as he pleased and  [...]
Lacie - Feb 06, 2009
Lacie was our baby girl. She was the best little pet a family could ask for. She fit right in with our schedule. Loosing her was one of the hardest things we have ever gone through. We will miss her dearly.

Rick & Cindy
Gypsy - Feb 04, 2009
I adopted Gypsy from the Clarkston animal shelter in 2006. She was only a couple of months old. There were 6 other people who also wanted her, so the shelter super lined all against the wall then opened her kennel door; she ran to me and jumped into my arms. My daughter and I spent hours trying out  [...]