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Max - Dec 10, 2008

Lee and Jim B.
Lulu - Dec 08, 2008
Lulu was the sweetest, most adorable Bichon Frise that went through so much and always had a smile on her face. When she was 2 yrs. old she had bladder stone surgery. A t 8 yrs. old, she became paralyzed and needed cervical and spinal surgery with a 50% chance to walk again. Thank God, she walked  [...]
Henry - Dec 05, 2008
17 years of love- the talkingest cat around, with the biggest warmest heart.

I miss you every day.

Tina M.
Katie Anne II - Dec 02, 2008
Katie exemplified a true and indomitable spirit that was never hampered by hardship, of which she had many. As a pup, we discovered, thanks to the wonderful care of Don Canfield and Stu Spencer (she adored both of them), that she had OCD. This necessitated several surgeries (done by Randy Acker in  [...]
Kiddy Kiddy - Dec 02, 2008

Mike and Linda G.
Bear - Dec 02, 2008
He was only 5 ½ years old; Chocolate Lab and Red Chow mix.

He was described by most as a lovable dufus.

He was my special friend and I miss him.

Susan H.
Pepper - Nov 29, 2008
Pepper died at age 16. We thought he would live forever, given the number of close calls he had in his lifetime. A typical Schipperke, he was a great escape artist and this led to many adventures. He even survived being lost in coyote country in New Mexico one frigid night, but that was back in  [...]
Haley - Nov 24, 2008
Our doctor has been wonderful, and a very good friend. Jackie and I lover him as a vet, and he has been so goot to us and our dogs.

With Haley gone, we have her brother, Scrappy left, her mother, Kay, and our Siberian Huskey, Snowy River Mountain.

Our little Haley was her dog, but  [...]
Princess Daisey - Nov 24, 2008

Marcea M.
Suzy - Nov 22, 2008
Suzy had a short but very eventful life. She was one of those dogs that was always happy but not overly annoyingly happy, just always happy to be. She would chase after a ball or stick forever if you would let her! She even had to have her ball in her food dish so that she would eat. I remember one  [...]