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Spud - Mar 09, 2009
On this beautiful, sunny day, we had to let Spud go at the age of 22 to be with Sneaker and Grandma Stephens. Spud has been with us almost as long as we've been together - we adopted him on January 11, 1987 - relocated with us three times and lived in three states. He's tolerated the addition of  [...]
Samantha - Mar 06, 2009
I got my Samantha from the local animal shelter on May 19 2006. She had a problem with her eyes. I usually adopt animals with a medical problem because most people don't want these animals and so they usually don't get adopted. I took Samantha to the vet and luckily all that was needed was some to  [...]
Ebony - Mar 01, 2009
Ebony learned to love

Steve J.
Mimi - Mar 01, 2009
Mimi came to us 6 years ago; I found her walking curbside just 2 months old by herself covered in fleas. She was only going to stay for a short time and we soon realized our lives would not be the same if we did not protect her. She was not the smartest kitty and she was scared of being on the We  [...]
K.C. - Feb 27, 2009
K.C. was our third golden retriever in 36 years and came to us at approximately 7 months old from Golden Retriever Rescue in Spokane, Washington. He was rescued from a puppy mill and from the moment he jumped out of his foster mom's car it was love at first sight. What a joy our big boy was - he  [...]
Lucy - Feb 27, 2009
Lucy was a "cast-away" dog that we were lucky enough to find at the Humane Society. We were looking for a dog who would be able to mountain bike with us and she was our gal. Running was what she loved best. We were lucky to be able to take her on nearly all of our vacations from Canada to Baja and  [...]
Maggie - Feb 27, 2009
Maggie came into our lives on February 4, 1994, a spark plug of energy and delight. Scruffy, matted, with coat so overgrown we couldn’t see her eyes, this eight-month old little cockapoo at the animal shelter stole our hearts right away with her joy for life. She was with us for nearly 15 years,  [...]
Ruben - Feb 27, 2009
In Memory of Ruben, my beloved friend. He left us December 26, 2008 due to cancer. He was a stoic and strong boy and tried his best not to be sick. We were challenged by his strong determination as a puppy. Ruben matured into a wonderful companion and family member and was taken from us far earlier  [...]
Scooter - Feb 27, 2009
"Dec 17, 2008 - After 15 great years with him, I had to say goodbye to Scooter today.

For those I hadn't told, he had struggled with a digestive disease for years that eventually caused intestinal cancer. He went downhill fast. He was very sick at the end but still such a lover.

I  [...]
Abby - Feb 25, 2009
Abby was open for love 24/7. In my work, I often sit with people who are in grief or other hard times. Abby was a great comfort to many of those people, offering her soft, furry warmth and beautiful eyes for all the contact they needed. She offered the same to me, and more. What a tender girl. May  [...]