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Mya - Nov 20, 2008
My Mya was a miniature white Bull terrier. She was big for a mini. She was 40 pounds or so. We found Mya on the internet in Texas when she was three years old.

She belonged to a Vet who had her to breed. He didn't have the time to do the breeding and Mya wasn't a good Mother. So we had her  [...]
Harley - Nov 18, 2008

Gary T.
Rudi - Nov 18, 2008

Gary T.
Sadie - Nov 18, 2008
Our dear Sadie welcomed us into her life 15 years ago. Every day was a new and exciting adventure for her. She loved to go for walks, go camping, travel in the car, ride in our bike cart, take naps in daddy’s recliner and simply spend time at home with her family. Winter was particularly fun for  [...]
Mitzi - Nov 17, 2008
I was recently notified that my family of vets at Vista Veterinary in Kennewick, in particular, Dr. Privette were kind enough to make a donation to the Pet Memorial Program. It touched my heart. The recent loss of my "child", Mitzi, was very difficult. Through many medical problems the vets at Vista  [...]
Tahoe - Nov 14, 2008
Tahoe (or Girlie as we always called her) would have turned 10 today (11/14/2008). We lost our angel to hemangiosarcoma over Labor Day weekend, however, not without her putting up a brave fight.

Our little girl loved to fetch her tennis ball and throw it back to us on her own, chase in  [...]
Billy - Nov 13, 2008
Santa brought Billy in 1994 and since I was only 3 and loved the Power Rangers, I named him after the blue one. We grew up together and he was the best dog I ever had. He protected my mom and me and never strayed from our yard. He liked to just hang out in the flower beds and watch all of the when  [...]
Hanna Diane - Nov 10, 2008
Hanna was my wife's 5 year old collie who was lost to a dose of Ivomectrin. Cindy lost 2 dogs within 3 weeks of each other from old age and cancer. I felt so bad that I brought a pup home from a SPCA shelter. The pup had a skin problem and was told by our Vet to give a dose of Ivimectrin to all our  [...]
Tonka - Oct 31, 2008
"Unable Are the Loved to Die, for Love is Immortality"

Emily Dickinson

Our brave, beautiful boy, we miss you.

Tonka 2001 - 2008

JoAnne K.
Espresso Bean - Oct 31, 2008
August 1991 to July 2008.

She had a great life, filled with everything that mattered most to her. She loved spending time with her family. She loved to be stroked and brushed. She loved being pet on her secret spot. She loved water including taking showers and playing in the sink. She her  [...]