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Hanna Diane - Nov 10, 2008
Hanna was my wife's 5 year old collie who was lost to a dose of Ivomectrin. Cindy lost 2 dogs within 3 weeks of each other from old age and cancer. I felt so bad that I brought a pup home from a SPCA shelter. The pup had a skin problem and was told by our Vet to give a dose of Ivimectrin to all our  [...]
Tonka - Oct 31, 2008
"Unable Are the Loved to Die, for Love is Immortality"

Emily Dickinson

Our brave, beautiful boy, we miss you.

Tonka 2001 - 2008

JoAnne K.
Espresso Bean - Oct 31, 2008
August 1991 to July 2008.

She had a great life, filled with everything that mattered most to her. She loved spending time with her family. She loved to be stroked and brushed. She loved being pet on her secret spot. She loved water including taking showers and playing in the sink. She her  [...]
Benny - Oct 31, 2008
In loving memory of Benny

December 2002 – October 28, 2008

I hope you find sunshine in heaven.
I will always remember your soft bunny belly and gentle ways.
You were the “cat of my life.”
I miss you so much.

Nancy A.
Scratch - Oct 29, 2008
Scratch, our female gray tabby, adopted us after she decided living with other pets wasn’t to her liking. She originally was our neighbor’s cat, but little by little, made a life for herself in our home. She was the first pet we had in 42 years of marriage, so we totally spoiled her and made her the  [...]
Sandy - Oct 29, 2008

Bill B.
Maxwell James - Oct 28, 2008
I lost my beloved Maxwell James this past August to an aggressive nasal lymphoma after 10 years of companionship. He came into my life at the age of 5, melded quickly into the existing feline family and, after the matriarch passed over, moved into the position of Top Kitty. He was my best friend; he  [...]
Khloe - Oct 28, 2008
Our little Khloe went to heaven on September 12, 2008. I will always remember the times with her starting the first day I walked through the shelter, the way she leaped out of the cinderblock room and teetered the Dutch door that held her in. Seeing that, something hit me, knowing I had to rescue  [...]
Lexy - Oct 27, 2008
Lexy, you brought so much joy and laughter to our family. You shared our love of camping, going on walks (of course you wanted to hold your own leash) and pizza on Friday nights. Although we would always give you a bad time about leaving your toys all over the house and yard, you knew it was all a  [...]
Bert - Oct 27, 2008
Bert was a cat with so many impressive attributes. We wish we had a picture to show off his beautiful markings and blue eyes, but his adorable boyish face will always live in our memories. He was a tough boy, the biggest in his litter, born on a farm outside of Colfax. We named his brother Ernie but  [...]