A donation was made in memory of Bambi by Doctors and Staff of the Wandermere Animal Hospital on Sep 23, 2008.

Our little Toy Fox Terrier, Bambi, became our daughter 15 years ago. Bambi was an amazing little girl. She enjoyed riding in our bicycle cart with her sisters out on local trails. She got to visit many ghost towns that we traveled to in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, California and Utah and always enjoyed riding in the car and camping. One of her favorite things was eating Charlie Bear treats, she REALLY loved those! She thought it was fun to pull kleenex out of the box and make confetti. She could be sneaky, peeking around the corner to see if we were watching while we were peeking around the other corner to see what she was doing. She was such a sweetheart and so lovable!

She was our hero! She always had a tremendous amount of courage and dignity even when her life became very difficult because of gallbladder, heart and kidney disease. For such a little girl, she was strong, incredibly courageous and such an inspiration.

On August 20th, we said goodbye to our little angel and now she is playing and is happy and free of the kidney disease that finally took her from us. We believe we will all be together again one day, but we can't begin to put into words how much we miss her and what a loss it is for our family. We love her so dearly and she will always be with us in our hearts.

We sincerely want to thank Drs. Linda Wood, Carrie McCorkle, Sherry Moore and the staff at Wandermere Animal Hospital in Spokane, WA for the wonderful care they gave Bambi and our family over the years. Their dedication, compassion and abilities are amazing and we’re very grateful to them.

Mike & Janie S.

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