A donation was made in memory of Squeakers on Nov 17, 2015.

Our little Squeakers was small in stature but had a big playful personality. She was sweet, loving, affectionate and was a wonderful cuddler. She had lots of fun if we tickled her belly and she would stretch her little legs and wiggle, always wanting more. She loved to lay in front of a warm window and soak up the sun. Winter was not her season, so when it started to get cold she would wear her pretty sweaters or let us know she wanted us to put her under our sweaters or sweatshirts to snuggle with us. She enjoyed cuddling and interacting with her little brother and sister too. She was a wonderful sister and they enjoyed each other very much. She never met a treat she didn't like and she would sit up on her haunches and wiggle her little legs in the cutest way. We couldn't resist giving her more cookies. She had us wrapped around her little paw. One time when returning home we were very surprised to find her curled up in the toy basket with all her stuffed toys around her. She was so adorable. On September 22nd at the age of 14 she left us, but she will always be in our hearts and we believe we will all be together again one day. Her passing has left a huge empty place in our home and family and we miss her very much.

We sincerely want to thank Drs. Linda Wood, Carrie McCorkle, Sherry Moore and all the staff at Wandermere Animal Hospital in Spokane WA for the wonderful care they gave Squeakers and our family over the years. Their dedication, compassion and abilities are amazing and we're very grateful to them.

Janie & Mike S.

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