A donation was made in memory of Sadie by Doctors and Staff of the Pet Loss Hotline on Nov 18, 2008.

Our dear Sadie welcomed us into her life 15 years ago. Every day was a new and exciting adventure for her. She loved to go for walks, go camping, travel in the car, ride in our bike cart, take naps in daddy’s recliner and simply spend time at home with her family. Winter was particularly fun for her. She had so much fun out in the snow, running, making snow angels and eating mouthfuls of fresh powder. Mealtime was her favorite! She would jump for joy and spin in circles while we were getting her food ready. We always said she could tell time because if it was time to eat and we weren’t in the kitchen fixing it, she would tell us about it. Carrots and peas were her favorites and every year we planted them especially for her.

Sadie was always very brave and strong. Her heart and kidneys grew tired and a vestibular episode had left her with a little head tilt but she never lost her puppy like personality. She had a way of living life to its fullest and making every day special. She took every opportunity to notice and enjoy even the smallest little creatures, like a caterpillar in the yard or a passing squirrel or bird. She was an inspiration to us.

On October 27th our little girl went to Heaven to be with her sister who had passed two months earlier. Even though we miss her terribly, we are comforted that they are together, playing and taking care of each other. We will always love her dearly and we will hold her memory and spirit close to us in our hearts until our family is all together again one day.

We sincerely want to thank Drs. Linda Wood, Sherry Moore, Carrie McCorkle and the staff at Wandermere Animal Hospital in Spokane, WA. We are so grateful to them for the wonderful care they gave to Sadie and our family over the years. Their abilities, dedication and compassion are amazing. They truly are extraordinary and there aren’t enough words to describe the amount of trust we have in them and gratitude we feel towards them.

Mike & Janie S.

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