Daisy Mae

A donation was made in memory of Daisy Mae on Nov 17, 2015.

Daisy Mae was a silly funny girl. She made us laugh all the time with her goofy personality and antics. She was a bit of a home body and enjoyed her yard and especially her weeping cherry tree. She laid under it in the shade and relaxed. She would also lay on the deck and spy on all the neighbors to see what they were up to. Occasionally she'd chase a squirrel or two but for the most part she just relaxed. She liked to go for car rides or to the park too. She enjoyed the companionship of her brother and sisters. She was always the happiest when her whole family was home. We called her a nurse because if any of the other dogs even so much as sneezed she would go over and make sure they were ok. Her heart and spirit were that of a puppy and in her dreams it looked like she ran like the wind. On October 19th at the age of 15 she left us, but she will always be in our hearts and we believe we will all be together again one day. Her passing has left a huge empty place in our home and family and we miss her very much.

We sincerely want to thank Drs. Linda Wood, Carrie McCorkle, Sherry Moore and all the staff at Wandermere Animal Hospital in Spokane WA for the wonderful care they gave Daisy Mae and our family over the years. Their dedication, compassion and abilities are amazing and we're very grateful to them.

Janie & Mike S.

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