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Jedi - Jan 22, 2009
We said good-bye to our dear Golden Retriever, Jedi, on December 6, 2008. He was a sweet boy his whole life of nearly 15 years. He was the Palomino pony that his “mom” Kathy and his “dad” Dennis had both wanted as children. The movie “Star Wars” was the inspiration for Jedi’s name, although a said  [...]
Sasha - Jan 20, 2009
Is it Possible to Say Goodbye?
(Story read to Sasha before she passed)

Sasha girl today is September 23, 2008. You have been there for me everyday since July 4, 1991. In the next day or so I will have to make the call that will end your life.

I met you for the first time when  [...]
Ivan - Jan 20, 2009
Ivan was a Smooth Fox Terrier. He was a great dog and an awesome friend.

He lived to be 16 years old and they tell me that was 3 years longer than his life expectancy. We enjoyed his loving demeanor and his excitement as a pup! He will be missed by our whole family!

Shane  [...]
Flash - Jan 20, 2009
Flash Died Last Night- By Carl B.


My brown chocolate lab died last night. He had been going down hill over the last two months and it was fully expected. I came to consciousness slowly this morning with my arm draped over the edge of the bed and resting on his paw. His foot  [...]
Sophie - Jan 20, 2009
She is missed and loved by everyone in my family, and we are very grateful for the short time she was with us.

Katherine R.
Thaddeus - Jan 19, 2009
Thaddy, you are loved and missed everyday. We are so blessed to have you in our lives for as long as we did. Everyone that knew you loved you. You will always be a part of who I am. Dad misses having "guy time" watching WWF with his Burrito. Love you.

Mom and Dad of Thaddeus
Dusty - Jan 14, 2009
Dustada Charlotte "Dusty"

July 1, 1994 - Jan. 6, 2009

The light of my life & the joy of my heart.

Cyndi G.
Betsy - Jan 13, 2009
Betsy's middle name should have been lucky, I adopted her from the Long Beach, CA Animal Shelter back in October 1993, she was already an "adult" cat then. When I went to the front desk of the shelter to see if I could adopt her, they told me she had been euthanized that morning (they only kept cats  [...]
Pucci - Jan 07, 2009
Sir Pucci...Forever In Our Hearts.

June 15, 2001

Phyllis B.
Christopher - Jan 07, 2009
Goodnight Sweet Prince, October 14, 2008

Phyllis B.