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Heidi & Ace - Feb 22, 2009
I lost Heidi just before Christmas to hip dysplasia. She was a rescue dog, animal control had picked her up and a fellow in Kingston who finds homes for shepherds knew we were looking for a dog. She was a little more hyper than other shepherds we had had, but over the years she mellowed out with  [...]
Teko - Feb 19, 2009
Windsong's Technikolor Teko

8/26/02 - 1/23/09

Our beloved Golden Retriever Teko provided us with our daily dose of sunshine and a happy heart. His tail was always wagging and his sweet face radiated a constant smile. And how he loved to "talk"!!

Teko loved life and loved  [...]
Cache Bar - Feb 17, 2009
On October 18th, 2003 a big, goofy one year old bright ray of sunshine came into our lives from SCRAPS. But, all too soon, on a dismal Friday the 13th of February, our Cache left us. We will miss you, Cache Bar - your "pretty paw," your voracious appetite for English cucumbers, your funny grin, and  [...]
Barney - Feb 17, 2009
He was a wonderfully loving and empathetic cat. I was fortunate enough to share that love for 21 years.

Maureen H.
Heidi - Feb 17, 2009
Heidi was 10 years old, however everyone that didn't know her thought she was much younger. She not only looked, at times, like a puppy, she would almost always act like one. She was a great dog and friend. I miss her greatly.

Patti J.
K9 - Feb 17, 2009

Sherri and Cole B.
Buddy - Feb 15, 2009

Sally & Chris G.
Pug - Feb 13, 2009
Even though he was 16 years old, blind and deaf he sometimes acted like he was only 10 years old. Pug loved to walk everyday; he had a very big circle of neighbors that he visited on his walks and they are all very sad about him being gone; he brightened their day and now he is gone. Pug kept having  [...]
Sprout - Feb 12, 2009
Sprout was a 4 year old lop ear rabbit. she passed away peacefully in her sleep. she was a very loving girl who loved to go into the garden and spend hours in it.

she will be greatly missed by everyone at the Arizona animal wellfare leauge.

love always your friends

azure,  [...]
Winston - Feb 10, 2009
He was a dear member of by brother's family and we also loved him very much.

Pete M.