A donation was made in memory of Robbie by Doctor's, Staff, and Student's at the WSU Teaching Hospital on Aug 24, 2015.

Many people around the Pacific NW have met Robbie over the past ten years. Robbie, a full-size red merle Aussie, was often seen at Fido's Farm where he loved to go sheepherding.

Robbie became a star in the world of oncology. In June 2012, at WSU Vet Teaching Hospital, he was diagnosed with insulinoma. During the time that he was ill, he was often used to show the effectiveness of chemotherapy and other interventions. When he was diagnosed, it was thought that he would not survive longer than six months. Due to the medical care that he received, he passed the three-year mark. Sadly, he started to decline during the summer of 2015. The difficult decision was made to humanely euthanize him on August 23, 2015. He will be fondly remembered.

Leslie N.

Veterinary Teaching Hospital Story

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  • Kay Glaser – 9/30/2015
    Comments: Robbie was a special soul, I am so grateful to have known him.
  • Annie Hudson – 8/31/2015
    Comments: Robbie love to herd sheep and was a master at it! Watching Robbie's eager expression as he walked to field and began to work was a delight. He and Leslie were like a well choreographed dance, working together to move sheep. He was responsive to her cues, unless he thought he had a better way to do the job, and often, he did! I'll miss you Robbie. Thanks for the memories and teaching me about herding. Fondly, Annie

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