A donation was made in memory of Joey by the doctors, staff and students at the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital on Nov 09, 2017.

Joey, an adorable red merle Toy Aussie, was adopted from a rescue at about three years of age. He was 30 pounds (about 18 pounds overweight), and he was so fat that he could not walk more than a few feet at a time. In six months, his weight was down to 12 pounds, and he remained a healthy weight for the rest of his life.

Joey loved to go sheepherding. On more than one occasion, he terrorized the sheep. Although the sheep would not have agreed, it was rather humorous to watch the sheep responding to Joey's insistent herding.

At nine years of age, Joey lost both eyes as a result of glaucoma that could no longer be medically managed. He lived with kidney problems and a significant heart murmur for about four years. Up until the end, he was a happy little dog who loved his person. He is greatly missed, although the sheep may not agree!