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Bambi - Sep 23, 2008
Our little Toy Fox Terrier, Bambi, became our daughter 15 years ago. Bambi was an amazing little girl. She enjoyed riding in our bicycle cart with her sisters out on local trails. She got to visit many ghost towns that we traveled to in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, California and Utah and always enjoyed  [...]
Charlie - Sep 23, 2008
Charlie and I spent 12 years together. He was a great campanion and there was a strong bond between us. He loved to swim and hike and we were together constantly. When he passed it put a huge hole in my heart. He will be missed so much.

Jo V.
Amber - Sep 22, 2008
After 14 years, Amber's name was being called. She knew that her legs couldn't hold her up any longer. Her meds had done their miracles by giving her the extra years we hoped and prayed for thanks to our vet, Dr. Kellee Roberti's expertise at Redwood Animal Hospital. Dr. Ken Jacobsen helped us along  [...]
Si - Sep 22, 2008
Si was a feral cat that we adopted nearly 7 years ago. Along with Si, came a small kitten that we call Sammie. Si took great care of Sammie – and would put up with anything that she did to him. He was a loving and sweet cat who always wanted to be close to us and to Sammie. We miss him every  [...]
Madison - Sep 19, 2008
Madison and Paxton were a part of my family for 10 years. They passed within 3 months of each other in 2007. Madison was beautiful and loving. Her lovely coat was dark and tiger striped, and it looked like she had white shoes on. She had black spots on the bottoms of her feet and on her little pink  [...]
Paxton - Sep 19, 2008
Paxton and Madison were a part of my family for 10 years. They passed within 3 months of each other in 2007. Paxton was the best cat ever, and I really loved him. His favorite toys were a little stuffed snowman on a string, and a little green mouse. He slept with me every night, and he snored! He  [...]
Alex - Sep 18, 2008
Alex was my beloved blue Weimaraner with beautiful golden eyes. He was dearly loved and greatly missed.

Vivian H.
Jack - Sep 12, 2008
To my Best Friend of 11 1/2 years.....There are not enough words for me to express my love and my loss. Having you fall asleep in my arms was the hardest thing I've ever done. I miss you every day and when I cross over I will find you and we will be together again. See you again some day my  [...]
Sadie - Sep 09, 2008

Terri and Lee N.
Sienna - Sep 09, 2008

Laurie P.