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My Mya was a miniature white Bull terrier. She was big for a mini. She was 40 pounds or so. We found Mya on the internet in Texas when she was three years old.

She belonged to a Vet who had her to breed. He didn't have the time to do the breeding and Mya wasn't a good Mother. So we had her shipped to us by air.

She was one of the sweetest and loving dogs that I ever had as a companion. She was my cat Andy's best buddy! Andy even gave Mya 'belly rubs.' We all miss her. She was a real Ambassador for the mini-Bull Terrier Breed.

Mya developed heart and lung problems and suffered with them for many years. The Vet was always amazed she was still with us when we brought her in for check-ups. She died on the 16 November 2008 at 7:48 AM at home as a result of those illnesses. She was a little over 13 Years old.

We miss her companionship and loving touches more everyday. Today I picked up her cremated ashes. They were in a very nice little wooden box, which for now, I placed in her crate at the foot of our bed.

RIP Mya~

Tom & Diane R Mya's Family

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  • D D – 11/24/2008
    Comments: I met TW on a recent trip to the PNW.....I can't express the remorse I feel at Mya's passing but I can espress how I know he feels, knowing TW now: I sit by you, watching as you type….. I just want to help. I put my head on the keyboard….. I just want to help. I bring you the ball and you play with me for awhile and then you stop…… I just want to help. You take care of me although sometimes you forget to fill my bowl…..I understand…. I just want to help. You walk me and play with me and it’s ALWAYS fun for me…. I just want to help. I love to see you smiling at my antics…. I just want to help. You can see it in my eyes…. I just want to help. I hear you crying in the night…. I just want to help. I lick your face and I see you smile, even in the dark….. I just want to help. I wrote this poem through water goggles as my dog was dropping the tennis ball on the keyboard. I know TW felt the same about Mya.... RIP will be missed.