A donation was made in memory of Buddy by Drs. Kathryn, Gary, and Edward Haigh at Haigh Veterinary Hospital on Aug 03, 2023.

Randy was moving into a new house one day and Buddy came up to him very wearily, the neighbors asked if he was his dog, but he wasn't until that day. He was filthy, skinny, his hair all black and matted up. He had been living on the streets. So Randy got him some food and gave him a bath and found out he was actually blonde. He would sit in the driveway waiting for Randy to get home from work even in the rain. Randy put in a doggy door. Buddy adopted Randy as his new papa. At the time, Randy had a girlfriend who had said, don't touch that ugly dog, he's disgusting. Well, she ended up falling in love with Buddy, they separated and Randy gave her Buddy, with the caveat that if she ever couldn't keep him, to bring him back to Randy. A couple of years went by, we met and adopted another dog from the humane society and then she called asking if Randy could take Buddy back. He talked to me and I said of course, so she brought Buddy back home. He went running right up to Randy so excited to see his papa again, then he ran up to me, then he met Jasmine, our adopted pekingese. He was finally home and super happy, but the 2 dogs rarely got along, she was always kind of mean to poor Buddy. I, of course, fell totally in love with Buddy and he slept on the bed by my feet, he got super happy when we came home from work every day, he'd give us what for when we were late getting home, barking like crazy until I would pet him and give him hugs and kisses. He followed me around and was very codependent, like I couldn't go outside without him even in the cold. He loved wading in the lake and taking walks and just being right next to me all the time. He went blind and deaf. We figured he was about 16 years old. We had him about 8 years before he got so he would just yelp for what seemed like no reason at all and we knew it was time. That was one of the hardest moments of my life. He was my best friend and I miss him every day more than words can say.

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