A donation was made in memory of Carlos by the doctors and staff at North End Pet Hospital on Feb 05, 2024.

Sometime in June 2009, I escorted a friend to an adoption fair at a local pet store in Colorado Springs. She was feeling in a slump in the marathon of graduate school, and considered adopting a cat to add some spice to life. I was well known as an animal lover, and she asked me to join her to scope out options. While she did not adopt that day, a handsome adult orange tabby caught my attention. And by caught my attention, I mean that he threw his little body at the side of his cage with excitement. I fell in love immediately. “Look at this one! He is so orange and sweet!” I was not in a position to adopt a cat at that moment, but I took note of his unusual name: Castrol.

About six weeks later, when I was in a better position to adopt, I browsed an adoption website and my heart exploded in my chest when I saw the name Castrol, with the accompanying sweet orange face, pop up on my screen. I immediately sent an inquiry to the agency and emailed a friend, expressing my belief that it was fate that we found each other again. I officially adopted Castrol on August 11, 2009. He was estimated to be three at the time. I renamed him to Carlos, a strong name which suited his bold personality. Carlos was somewhat shy for about 12 hours, opting to sleep overnight behind my couch. When I woke up the next morning, he confidently strutted out and proceeded to attach himself to my side, where he remained for 14.5 years.