Buddy Hall

A donation was made in memory of Buddy Hall by the doctors and staff at Bonners Ferry Veterinary Clinic on Sep 12, 2023.

Nine years ago, a tiny little gray tabby was brought into our Bonners Ferry Veterinary Clinic. To prevent it from going to the wrong person, our staff said, "Dr. Hall you HAVE to take this kitten home!" So Sweet Buddy Blue Eyes became the loyal companion to Dr. Roland and Linda Endow Hall. Buddy became the famous clinic cat that entertained children with his calisthenic exercises , performed yoga, and accompanied Dr. Hall on large animal farm calls. He LOVED people and was the star in every photo on our bear-skinned rug of the guests who visited our home. In the 49 years that Dr. Hall has practiced veterinary medicine, he has NEVER known nor loved a companion more than Buddy. Whenever feral cats came into our clinic, the usual meek and mild mannered sleepy head became a ferocious Guard Man who ran over to protect our staff, and they always knew Buddy had their backs! But alas, the doctor who has saved many, many lives, could not beat the cancer that took our precious fur baby. We both still cry every time his name is mentioned. So, the box that holds his ashes sits on the shelf where he slept, still watching over his domain. Rest in peace dear sweet Buddy. We LOVE you and miss you SO MUCH!! :+(

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