A donation was made in memory of Amber by Doctors and Staff of the not recorded on Sep 22, 2008.

After 14 years, Amber's name was being called. She knew that her legs couldn't hold her up any longer. Her meds had done their miracles by giving her the extra years we hoped and prayed for thanks to our vet, Dr. Kellee Roberti's expertise at Redwood Animal Hospital. Dr. Ken Jacobsen helped us along the way in allowing Amber and us to call "when" as he offered his wisdom and knowledge to us. June 28, 2008 was the hardest day of our lives. Losing a pet as special as Amber has been as difficult as losing a close friend or relative because she was both of these to us. She was an integral part of our family and will remain so. Her sister has been grieving as well, but time is helping us all to look back on Amber's life with smiles through our tears. After all, she had an amazing life.

Amber was one of those dogs where some would cross the street from fear at the sight of such a large and powerful dog while others would stop in awe and talk to us for awhile about her beauty. Children would run over to see her and parents would hesitate not sure of her safety. We understood and we took the time to introduce her to others along with her sister who joined her two years later. We spent many days on walks having conversations with strangers about our beloved, Amber. She was a sweet soul always happy to meet anyone wanting to pet her. Many of our walks had others saying, "It looks like they are walking you!" about our dogs. Amber was the main pulling source. She was amazingly strong. Walking her was more like holding a water ski boat's line; she had a strong pull! There was nothing in the world that Amber loved more than a walk and play on the beach. All of her favorite things were there: the wind in her face, the smell of the salt water, the sand to bury her beloved tennis balls into, the soft sand that must have felt like walking in butter for her feet and aging hips, an endless supply of sticks to retrieve in the Sound or the lake, dogs to watch and meet, grass to lie in and take it all in, hot sun to dry out in after chasing her ball in the water, owners to play fetch with and walk down the beach with in cold and hot days. She didn't care about the weather, unless it was raining. She hated to get wet by the rain. And, she hated baths. But, she loved swimming for her ball or a stick! She would snort, bark and whine as we got closer to the beach. It all started as soon as she smelled the salt air.

She also adored our family. She showed it in so many different ways. When we brought our children back home for the first time as newborns, she would stare curiously at the babies for long periods of time. She would then sit up by the rocking chair, almost as if she was on guard to protect the baby. It wasn't her normal behavior to sit up for long periods of time. With our firstborn, she used to push a ball toward the baby with her nose and the baby would crawl and push the ball back to her. After two years, she learned to tolerate not being a solo dog in the family and she welcomed her sister. After awhile, she even let her sister push her aside, snuggle in her bed, let her nibble on her ear during the ball chase game and gave her sister first place at getting our attention. She was learning that she didn't have to be top dog in every single way. It was amazing to watch her patience in tolerating a needy sister. Amber even adapted at having a kitten sister and grew to love Tuxedo, the cat for 12 of Tux's 17.5 years. They waited for their food together, lied indoors in the windows’ streams of sun together, let Tux rub up on her legs or walk through them. Now, they are both in heaven waiting for our big reunion one day. Before Amber left us, she met our new kitten and was just as curious about her as when she was a puppy. She barked until we brought the kitten to her and then, she calmed as she stared and sniffed the kitten. She knew that we understood that her bark was simply intended to communicate with us.

Our hearts will always have a hole with you being gone, Amber. Keep an open spot at heaven's beach with your favorite ball. We'll see you again, our sweet pup. Thank you for being such a great dog! Our lives are just not the same without you here. Our duty is to keep the faith and to make your sister's life as fun as yours. Thank you for allowing us to be your masters. It was a privilege.

Deane and John K.

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