A donation was made in memory of Beensie by Doctors and Staff of Desert Veterinary Clinic on Dec 30, 2008.

I adopted Beensie from the Kennewick Animal Shelter and figured her birthdate to be around 12/23/03 and she passed away 11/3/2008. I had always looked into her eyes and just felt that God could see all things through her deep eyes, so I called her "eyes from God" as well as Beensie, of course. Her name Beensie came from when I lived on a small farm and saw all of the animals in the fields being born in the spring; there were so many to name that instead I just called them all Beensies; then when I adopted Beensie, she was so small, the name fit perfectly. She was a one and only. She learned to adapt to a Basenji and then a couple of Pugs - pretty tough duty for a little Dachshund/Chihuahua. She had a heart of gold and a ton of attitude. Throughout her pain I never heard a sound from her. I wish I had, I would have known something was going on with her health - but she suffered in total silence. She must have wondered why she was being hurt. She's in dog heaven now and sharing her love and attitude with the other dogs, and having much fun without pain. I love her and she's still a part of my thoughts and memories, almost like she's still cavorting around the house, knowing everything that is going on at all times. She always sat at my left hip on the couch - always.

Sharon I.

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