A donation was made in memory of Chip on Mar 21, 2015.

Run, Chippie, Run!!

Chip decided he wanted to spend his 15th birthday with Bart, Sweet Pea, and other friends at The Rainbow Bridge, so, on Wednesday, June 24, one week before that milestone, we helped him pack up his gear (3 rawhide chewbones to share, a hunk of his favorite couch, and some flowers) and head out on his new adventure. It was an emotional day for all of us, but, as everyone knows, the time eventually comes when the "kids" grow up and go off on their own. We just hugged for a while, shed some tears, and then waved goodbye.

Chip was a very good dog -- as Mark was always saying, "He's such a good boy." We love Chippy dearly and his departure leaves a huge hole in our hearts. We will really, really miss having him here with us.

Mark, Anne and Brenna

P.S.: We will be forever grateful to the D.C. pound for bringing Chip into our lives, and Dr. Courtney Redding (WSU) of Moses Lake.

Mark & Anne M.

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