Hanna Diane

A donation was made in memory of Hanna Diane on Nov 10, 2008.

Hanna was my wife's 5 year old collie who was lost to a dose of Ivomectrin. Cindy lost 2 dogs within 3 weeks of each other from old age and cancer. I felt so bad that I brought a pup home from a SPCA shelter. The pup had a skin problem and was told by our Vet to give a dose of Ivimectrin to all our dogs so that they would not pass it on to each other. It put Hanna into a coma with a temperature of 107 and there was nothing that could be done. She was gone 2 days later. It hurt all of us so bad; Cindy for losing her beloved Hanna, the Vet for making the mistake, and Me for giving the poison to Hanna. We thank you for doing a study on this and with God's help this won't happen to anyone else.

Thank you,

Bruce & Cindy M.

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