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A donation was made in memory of Cassie by Jeffrey Bryan on Apr 21, 2010.

It’s amazing to look back and reflect on how Cassie was the catalyst for so many new and enriching relationships and experiences for Eddylee & I.

It’s been a year and a half since we made our first trip to WAZZU with Cassie. In January we returned from our 21st round trip to Pullman since this “Odyssey” began.

The caring, compassion and professionalism of the entire VetMed staff from Lisa (Receptionist), the 4th year students (who are now Doctors!), Dr. Jeff Bryan (and his entire Oncology Staff), Dr. Annie Chen (Brain Surgeon) to Dr. Bryan Slinker (Dean of the WSU Veterinary College) has formed the foundation for many enduring relationships. All this for ardent supporters of “Husky Nation”!

She was so much a part of our lives (and as we are finding out) the lives of many of our friends. The void will be felt for a long time. On the other hand; some of the things she set in motion will happily be with us for years to come.

Who else but Cassie could throw their own “Going Away” party for 85 of hers and our friends?!

Dave and Eddylee S.

  • Other donation made by Molly Scott on 5/4/2010
  • Comments: One of the two best sisters I've ever had, Brandy being the first! Goldens are the best.

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