A donation was made in memory of Kaya by Doctors and Staff of the not recorded on Oct 23, 2008.

We lost our beautiful dog, Kaya, on August 25, 2008 after a short fight against lymphoma that took over her spinal cord. She was 11 years old and only 2 months before she died we had commented at how healthy and active she was for her age. She was so wonderful with our two children and especially was a best friend to our german shepherd, Schultz. She loved to eat, sleep alot, swim, take walks and slide in the snow, but above all she loved to be where ever we were. Our 3 year old daughter is constantly hoping she'll come down from heaven to be with us again. We miss her so much! We love you, Kaya Bean. Love, Mom, Dad, Ella, Grayson and Schultz

Shelly D.

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