Espresso Bean

A donation was made in memory of Espresso Bean by Doctors and Staff of the Green Lake Animal Hospital on Oct 31, 2008.

August 1991 to July 2008.

She had a great life, filled with everything that mattered most to her. She loved spending time with her family. She loved to be stroked and brushed. She loved being pet on her secret spot. She loved water including taking showers and playing in the sink. She loved her drinking fountains. She loved sleeping in the bed, laying on her favorite blankets, and napping in her heated beds. She loved riding in the front seat of the car. She loved riding on Arn's shoulder. She loved walking on the deck and laying in the sun. She loved sitting on the side of the hot tub. She loved playing with shoe strings and paper pags. She loved fleece. She loved playing in the sheets while the bed was being made. She loved sleeping next to the computer. She loved barking at birds. She loved laying in warm clothes just taken from the dryer. She loved crawling into drawers and closets. She loved opening everything. She loved bows and packages. She loved freeze dried chicken and tuna water. She loved having her paws massaged. She loved to purr. She loved to mark on us.

She lived well --- rich in what mattered most to her. She enjoyed that everyday. She grew old with grace and determination. She was very loved and will be very missed forever.

Deborah and Arn C.

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