A donation was made in memory of Betsy by Doctors and Staff of the not recorded on Jan 13, 2009.

Betsy's middle name should have been lucky, I adopted her from the Long Beach, CA Animal Shelter back in October 1993, she was already an "adult" cat then. When I went to the front desk of the shelter to see if I could adopt her, they told me she had been euthanized that morning (they only kept cats at the most 5 days back then). Fortunately, for her and me, the Vet tech had taken pity on her because she was such a sweet cat and had given her "one more day." That day turned into 15 more wonderful, blissful years for both Betsy and our family. We miss her a lot, but we know she is with her companion kitty Chester who has been waiting for her in Heaven. 'Luv yer Bets'!

Yvette, Art, Iain, and Annie. XXXX

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