A donation was made in memory of Albe by the doctors and staff at Ravenna Animal Hospital and Green Lake Animal Hospital on Jan 30, 2024.

In the summer of 2014 I was asked to help a breeder of Australian Shepards care for 2 litters of puppies, that would be born in Sept, as we prepared them for their new homes. So for 8 weeks I went to the litter and fed, nurtured, cleaned up after, learned about, personality and disposition tested and snuggled with 17 puppies. On the day that the pups were going out to their new homes I was asked to pick one for my family. They were all so sweet. I had no idea which one would be best. I sat down on a chair and all of them came over and mauled me to get picked up; all except one. One red tri-color male who sat out side the throng of puppies and just looked at me with his green eyes, tilting his head, studying me. We sat looking at each other for a few minutes and I knew he had picked me. I scooped him up, he licked my face and I brought him home. Albe was the third Aussie we had ever had. He was smart, energetic, friendly to everyone and very sweet natured. He had the most beautiful eyes and would capture your attention with just a glance. He was bonded to my son's even though they didn't live at home anymore. We will never forget him. His spirit is forever in our home.