Katie Anne II

A donation was made in memory of Katie Anne II by Doctors and Staff of the Queen Anne Animal Clinic on Dec 02, 2008.

Katie exemplified a true and indomitable spirit that was never hampered by hardship, of which she had many. As a pup, we discovered, thanks to the wonderful care of Don Canfield and Stu Spencer (she adored both of them), that she had OCD. This necessitated several surgeries (done by Randy Acker in Sun Valley) resulting in both of her hind legs having steel plates, screws, etc. leaving her unable to sit in a 'normal' position - alas -she learned to sit like a frog and her exuberance for chasing balls, squirrels, retrieving birds, and swimming never wavered. She continued to be a clown, over enthusiastic, hard headed, extremely loving, and the happiest girl.

Approximately 2 years ago, we noticed the beginning of what was to become her demise. She broke a toe on her left foot - Stu suspicioned it might be malignant but we decided, given her history, that she would not withstand the removal of the foot or even a partial removal as it would put too much stress on the other leg - it healed, injured again and again but she continued along her merry way. Then a lesion at one of the past surgery sites appeared and a lump on her hind quarter. They were biopsied by WSU and indeed both were cancer but of two different kinds. At almost 8 the options were very limited and we tried chemo for a short while but the side effects were not acceptable to her nor us.

Katie continued to enjoy life completely even though she was more limited - her spirits never dimmed, nor did her enthusiasm, and when the pain medication started to become ineffective we decided to let her go.

She was an inspiration on living with and overcoming hardship to all who knew her, particularly to us, and she is missed very much.

We are sincerely grateful to have had her in our lives and also for the opportunity to participate in the Pet Memorial Program to help bring relief to animal suffering and well being.

Roy and Roanne D.

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