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A donation was made in memory of Waverly on Sep 11, 2014.


Waverly learned "the K word" early on in her career as a mischievous miniature schnauzer. Food was a huge deal, and Waverly's girth, for most of her 15 years, was a testament to her love (o.k...obsession) of kibble. She was surprisingly quick on her feet, though. Let her loose on a good sandy shoreline and she was gone like a flash, upsetting seagulls in the surf and challenging the biggest dog she could find. Waverly was a hellion. She was a "big fella," too. People who knew schnauzers often mistook her for a standard male. She was a bruiser. Waverly was also a very special cupcake. There was always drama going on with her toes, she growled at things I couldn't see, and hated having her picture taken. She loved to squeeze in next to me as I read in my favorite chair. I was a bad dog mother and got Waverly hooked on french fries thanks to a cold winter's day lunch break at a McDonald's in Napavine, Washington. Then Lily came along...Waverly was not amused. She would actually turn around so her backside faced the little fur ball my husband and I brought home when Waverly was well into middle age. She eventually came around, and became a teacher and friend to our #2 schnauzer. The two spent many hours choreographing their wrestling moves.

Waverly got to eat one last bowl of her beloved kibble before we had to say goodbye to her on Tuesday, the 12th day of August, 2014.

Theresa L.

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