A donation was made in memory of Khloe on Oct 28, 2008.

Our little Khloe went to heaven on September 12, 2008. I will always remember the times with her starting the first day I walked through the shelter, the way she leaped out of the cinderblock room and teetered the Dutch door that held her in. Seeing that, something hit me, knowing I had to rescue her and I knew she was way too smart and active to be confined to such a place.

Finding out about her history, she was brought from a southern state and transported to this no-kill shelter; she quickly became part of my brood of now three dogs. It was hard for her to take it all in at once, being 7 months old and full of energy that had been waiting to explode. The endless running in the pastures and deer, and bike rides and trail rides with the horses. She was free. The shelter had their reservations about her, whether she would be ok near children, ever be able to be off a leash, etc. She bloomed into a wonderful, non-leased companion to me, my boyfriend, Adam, and our other two puppies, Tucker and Emma. She adored kids and loved every bit of attention she got from them. She became very protective of us and our family. After the passing of Emma in May 2008, Tucker and Khloe became inseparable buds. Khloe became a great work partner for Adam, climbing twenty foot extension ladders and hanging out on the roof all day with her dad. She loved to run next to the bike and car for miles, chase pigeons, balls, and Frisbees and snuggle on the couch at the end of the long day.

She was our little girl who was taken to young, only being 2 yrs old. We miss you so much and Tucker is lonely. We could never replace her and would never try. There's not a day that goes by that she doesn't cross our minds and tears come to our eyes. We will always remember her vibrant personality with the attitude flare that made us laugh and made her the dog we love.

Carissa G.

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