A donation was made in memory of Tahoe on Nov 14, 2008.

Tahoe (or Girlie as we always called her) would have turned 10 today (11/14/2008). We lost our angel to hemangiosarcoma over Labor Day weekend, however, not without her putting up a brave fight.

Our little girl loved to fetch her tennis ball and throw it back to us on her own, chase squirrels in our back yard (but only caught one once!), lick and carry around her babies (which were actually just stuffed animals), and go for long walks around our neighborhood. When not doing any of the above, she would sit on the stoop outside our front door carefully watching the world pass by.

When we were off at work she spent most of her days playing with her friends at Great Dog Daycare. A truly wonderful second home for her.

Tahoe was a devoted companion who was careful to choose who to love. We are so grateful to her for choosing to love us so much.

She never left our side and never would (well unless a squirrel happened to run by), but would always come right back!

Tahoe loved to camp, play in the snow, swim in the lake, but loved playing in the ocean every summer on our annual trip to Cannon Beach the most. Those trips were such special times with her and we will remember them, and our little girl, forever.

We love you so much Tahoe, and know that you will be waiting for us - booty shaking, tail waving, and barking out loud - just like you did every day we came home to you.

You were such a brave little girl, and we were truly blessed to share our lives with you.

Love - Mom & Dad.

Randy & Sandy C.

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Additional donations made in Tahoe's name

  • Lois Hurley – 11/29/2008
    Comments: Tahoe lived with us the first three years of her life. After Sandy moved to Seattle I did not see Tahoe for six months. I thought she might not remember me, but when I walked up the steps of Sandy and Randy's house she was looking out the window and wagging her tail. Tahoe greeted me with joy and licked my hands and face. I knew she remembered who I was. Tahoe loved to go for a walk everyday and would always have a ball nearby to play with. The next time I visit Seattle Im going to miss her looking out the window to greet me.
  • ann lehner – 11/26/2008
    Comments: I had the pleasure of spending time with Tahoe in her final weeks. We had a scrabble marathon gave Tahoe tons of treats lots of love, and not to mention all those bully sticks " yummy ". Thanks for the memories Tahoe love you.
  • Sherry Hurley – 11/20/2008
    Comments: Tahoe was such a beautiful dog and it was hard to say goodbye to her. She protected my sister and was loyal til the end. I will forever miss her kisses.
  • Molly McCrink – 11/20/2008
    Comments: My fondest memories of Tahoe are the ones when she let her guard down, and when she became comfortable with the people around her. I remember cuddling with her in her bed once, while she licked my face..and I also remember the times when her mom and dad would talk to her like a baby and tell her they loved her, and you knew by the look on her face that she understood them. She was incredibly intelligent and protective, and even I felt safe around her. When she passed away, I couldnt help but cry and contemplate the overwhelming loss that I knew her parents were feeling. She is greatly missed.
  • Johanna grisnik – 11/18/2008
    Comments: I never had the pleasure of meeting Tahoe, however I am a friend of her Aunt Susie (Sandy's sister) It saddened me greatly when I heard of Tahoe passing. Susie had made me aware of her diagnosis and the extreme efforts Sandy was making in trying to save her. Tahoe was cherished and loved.
  • Arlene Cornwall – 11/17/2008
    Comments: Tahoe I will especially remember our picnics at Green Lake. It was a hard time for you. Your mom and I shared long talks on saying good bye which brought both you and her closer to me. You were so loved by your mom and dad and will never be forgotten. Sweet dreams Tahoe. Love your granny hug hug!!!