A donation was made in memory of Bert by Doctors and Staff of the VCA Animal Medical Center on Oct 27, 2008.

Bert was a cat with so many impressive attributes. We wish we had a picture to show off his beautiful markings and blue eyes, but his adorable boyish face will always live in our memories. He was a tough boy, the biggest in his litter, born on a farm outside of Colfax. We named his brother Ernie but kept only Bert when we moved from the guest house on the farm. Bert was a very effective hunter and the neighborhood terror, and dominated his mile of territory, taking on any male cat that he thought he could take down. He was 16 lbs during most of his adulthood. He was king of our house in his later years, striking fear in the hearts of our female kitties Theresa and Smokey, but he was best buddies with our other male kitty Squirt. They survive him with mixed feelings.
Bert faught cancer with the same vigor he faught all of his outdoor foes. We thank his veterinarians, Dr. Harbinson, Dr. Corwin, and Dr. Lyon and others at VCA Animal Medical Center in Richland, WA. We also thank Dr. Fidel and other doctors and students at the WSU Veterinary Clinic, who did all that they could to help him. We hope they all remember him best as the bruiser he was before his surgeries.

We will always love our little boy, or big guy Bert (4/96 - 10/08).

In loving memory,

Elizabeth R. and Keith M.

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