A donation was made in memory of Tonka by Doctors and Staff of the not recorded on Oct 24, 2008.

We lost our beloved Tonka Boy on September 27, 2008. Tonka was the best most gentle dog we have ever had. He was only 6 years and 8 months old when he died. He fought a very short battle with bone cancer in his front leg. Tonka was the best dog with our kids. He loved to lick our 10 month old twins clean. He was their favorite toy and he loved every minute with them. He hated strangers but he was also the biggest baby ever. He always raced you everywhere you went, whether it was up the stairs or just out the garage door. He was afraid of water and everytime the kids touched the hose he was gone. He was a great protecter. When my husband would get out of bed in the morning and when he worked on the road Tonka would hop up on dad's side of the bed and go back to sleep. He has two dog sisters, koda (12) and kopper (11), who miss him too. They were with him everyday since we brought him home in April of 2002. When our kids yelled and sang, Tonka would howl with them the whole time. They loved to sing together. Tonka loved to take little treasures and bury them all around our property, anything from a bone to a dirty diaper that missed the garbage can. You always knew when he had been hiding his treasures because he would come to the door and his whole face would be covered in dirt. Tonka was a wonderful dog, and he is and always will be greatly missed in our family. He was the best rotti anyone could ask for. We miss you Tonka Boy.

Staci, Dan, Jackson, Kolsi, Finli, Kipperi, Bennett and Koda and Kopper.

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