A donation was made in memory of Sophie by Dr. Prickett at Animal World Veterinary Clinic on Jul 14, 2022.

Sophie was found by a FedEx driver on the side of the road near Mesa, Washington. She was a puppy. It was in December and cold. The driver did his deliveries then drove by the spot again and the puppy was still there shivering. She picked her up and brought her to Moses Lake. The FedEx driver went to my husband's office. She knew the employee's there. One had a family and she thought they might like the puppy, but he said "no, his life was already too hectic." My husband saw Sophie and thought of me. I had said that I wouldn't take a dog unless God had one walk into my yard needing me. My husband thought that this was close enough. He texted me the puppy's picture - all scruffy and dirty and looking so scared. Of course, I said bring her home. Sophie was my close companion for almost 13 years. She looked like a bigger Havenese breed, curly haired, non shedding. The sweetest face and smile. She loved to sniff everything on our walks. And when she'd run on the golf course fairways, she'd always look back at me and smile. Arthritis got too much for her. I loved her very much.

  • Other donation made by Jennie Larson on 8/2/2022
  • Comments: In loving memory of Sophie💗

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