A donation was made in memory of Suzy on Nov 22, 2008.

Suzy had a short but very eventful life. She was one of those dogs that was always happy but not overly annoyingly happy, just always happy to be. She would chase after a ball or stick forever if you would let her! She even had to have her ball in her food dish so that she would eat. I remember one year camping with her; her dish was on a hill and she kept dropping the ball right on the edge so it would roll of the dish. It would start rolling away and then she would chase it; it took her a long time to eat that night! She loved to swim and help out in the yard. She really was the best all around dog that anyone could ask for.

Her story has a very sad and drawn out ending. She had bloat surgery on fathers day and she had always been very special to my dad, he even called her his "granddogger." It was a really hard few days waiting to pick her up for her recovery. She did recovery from that surgery but had come down with something else very strange, she now could not keep food down. She started loosing weight and not just a little weight, alot of weight! We were very concerned for her and she started taking numerous cocktails of pills, but nothing seemed to help. We even took her to a specialist in Seattle to have a scope run down her throat and all the way down into her small intestines to run biopsies and other tests. Still we found nothing.

After finding out that there was nothing to report from the tests we decided that maybe she would be happier and more her self again if she wasn't on any medication; she had been on some steroids and they changed her personality. She gained some weight back and was once again her happy self. She never once showed any sign of pain, it wasn't her style. She had several less serious problems growing up since she seemed to be accident prone and would never let me know if she was hurt. After all she had been through, and now not being able to keep food down, I knew the time was coming but thought she might hold on for a few more days. When I got up the morning of my wedding day she let me know it was time. That was the hardest thing to do but yet I knew she was now in pain and needed to go.

It's still very hard to talk about but when I had received my letter about this program and how my vet had donated, I knew that I too had to donate and get Suzy's story out there. She is very missed and will never be forgotten.

Jill W.

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