PMCP 2: Pain Physiology

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On Demand Veterinarians, Veterinary Techs 1.0
PMCP 2 poster Dr. Stephen A. Greene

This is the second module of the Pain Management Certificate Program.  It can either be taken independently or as a complete program.  If you would like to take the whole program please click here.

Course recorded August 2015.


In this module, Dr. Stephen Greene presents an overview of the physiology of pain, the five sites of analgesic action and distinguishing pain types. Specific topics covered in this overview are:

  • Types of Pain
  • Receptors and Transmitters
  • Sensitization
  • Anatomy of Pain
  • The Five Sites of Analgesic Action
  • Distinguishing:
    • Physiologic vs Pathologic Pain
    • Acute vs Chronic Pain
    • Somatic vs Visceral Pain

It is the responsibility of each participant to determine if online courses are accepted for CE credit by their State Licensing Board.  Also to receive credit, you must successfully pass the course's quiz.

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