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Queenie (black) & Weenie (gray) were saved from the roof at a construction site in California.

Their mother was dead and 7 little kittens were left hungry.


WeenieWeenie & Queenie


 My host father brought 2 of them home and gave them to me. It was almost 12 years ago (August 1989). They were dirty and skinny and didn't even know how to eat. Weenie always jump into the milk dish and ate her meals. I assume they were 3 weeks old then.

When they were 2 years old, I brought them back to Japan with me. They've adapted the change of culture, language, and environments nicely. Queenie is a cool one, believing herself as a beauty queen. Weenie is a cute one, she had no idea what beauty meant. Weenie is a friendly talkative playful cat, and she loved me so much. The minute she sees me, she purrs loud. She gets up on my chest when I lay down, and move her front feet as a baby does to a mother cat, and drool on my face.(It was yucky!) She was always on my lap, or touched me somewhere when she's asleep. When she was small, she used to sleep on my neck. I was sure someday my family'd find me dead choking with Weenie on my neck. And she was such a wimp. Every time somebody comes around, she crawls under my bed. Anyway, she was always the center of attention while Queenie act cool not to care but with jealous.

Weenie started coughing long time ago, but we didn't think too much of it. We thought she was only trying to puke her hair ball out. But in the beginning of May, we finally realized something's wrong with her coughing and breathing. We took her to vet to find out her lungs had a big problem. In her x-ray, her lungs were almost all white. She was locked up in a room, forced to keep herself quiet. She went in to get shots, and had to take anti-biotic, which she hated. She got better, she got worse, again she got better... We thought she'd manage this. When she feels good, she walks around and talks alot. Every time she sees me she purrs, and suffers for more air. I wanted to be with her but when I do, her condition gets worse. She gets excited and can't breath. One morning, she looked feeling good. We gave her the medicine and she was angry. She went under the bed and didn't come out for a long time... Next morning, she was breathing with her whole body opening her mouth wide. At the vet, she was put into an "oxygen box" to make breathing easier for her. The vet said to us to come back to pick Weenie up in the evening. So, we left... I saw her eyes and mouth wide open with suffer. I thought if I stay there, she get excited and have hard time. But within the 30 minutes after we left, she was gone. We got a call from vet to come pick her up since her condition isn't too good. While we were talking on the phone, the vet screamed, "Oh, my god! She stop breathing!!" When we got there, she wasn't breathing. Her heart was beating weakly. She died at 11:30am on June 13, 2001, 11years and 10months old.

Weenie, you are such a gift. We love you so much and we miss you so much. I still don't know what to do without you. I love you more than anything. Sleep tight in peace.

The other day, I had a dream with Weenie in a big glass case with leaves and trees. She was on a shelf and suffering, just like she suffered in her real life. I could she her eyes loosing strength, and I screamed to call her vet. But he didn't show up. So, I opened the glass door, and called out her name over and over. All of a sudden, her eyes lit up, and she stood up (with her rear legs... dream is always a bit strange.), and went to the other side of window. She looked out side waving her paw, "bye-bye!" cheerfully. She came back to the center of the glass box, facing me, did the same. Waved at me and said "bye-bye!" with smile on her face. The word came out of my mouth was "Thank you!" Weenie returned the thanks to me, saying "Thank YOU!!!!" And she was gone. And I was sad.

But it's a wonderful experience to know that she has appreciated me, and she has accepted my appreciation of her. Also, I now believe, if we are to reincarnate, Weenie will come back to me someday. I don't know if we do reincarnate, or what shape she will be, but I know one thing for sure, we will be together again and again, someday, somewhere...or we may already be back together now.


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