College of Veterinary Medicine Home Pet Loss Hotline
College of Veterinary Medicine Home Pet Loss Hotline

November 8, 1990 to February 17, 2002

It was a couple days before Christmas of 1990 when my father came to our house to bring me my Christmas present. It was a semi large box with a lid and a big bow. I opened the box and there you were, a small white fluff ball.


I fell instantly in love with you. I never had a dog before and have always wanted one and you came into my life and made all my dreams come true, for I would not be the same without you. I remember on Christmas day my family went to the grandparents’ house and we had to leave you in the downstairs bathroom with your bed and toys. That winter was a bad one for the pipes broke and water was all over the downstairs. When we came house your bed had turned into a houseboat as you floated around. I remember the way you would walk to me with your front feet prancing high. You were a cute little pup and grew into a beautiful dog.

I have so many wonderful memories of you, the walks, the modeling, playing dress-up and of course your favorite activity with your favorite stuffed toys (as my sister would call it…humping mania). No matter what your favorite past time was I loved everything about you, even when my mom got new carpet and you got mad at her and decided to get her back by messing on the carpet. I remember all the warm welcomes I received when I would come home from school and/or work, you would wag your tail so hard you would sweep the floor. I remember all the games we played, fetch (though you always decided to make me chase you after awhile), the kitty game and the “kill”game when you would chase my brother and my husband around the room until you got them. Though sometimes they were not amused I always was. I remember when I moved to Pullman and was not with you for a few months while I was here living in the dorm until I moved to an apartment and you came with me then. Your buddy DK misses you greatly and he will miss his hunting partner this fall, even though you did not hunt you just followed him around while he flushed the birds. Your pal Patches misses you and so does Venus.

My dear Vianca, I will miss you forever and will remember you always and I hope you are thinking of me up there in Doggy Heaven. I will always remember the warm memories we had together the fun times and even the sad and bad times (like spreading the garbage all over). Everyone who new you will miss you. I have enjoyed the eleven years and few months I had you in my life and will always remember you. You are in my heart and my dreams my dear baby. I will love you forever!!! Until we meet again…..

Love Always,

posted Feb. 27, 2002

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