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  Bo & Buffy: Best Friends Together Again

April 21, 1988 - May 11, 2001

January 25, 1990 - March 31, 2003

Bo was 2 when we got Buffy who was 6 weeks old at the time. Bo was very passive and somewhat quiet but could be very rambunctious at other times. Buffy, on the other hand, was the perfect little female. She waltzed into the house yipped at him and told him how it was going to be from that day forward.


Bo & Buffy

He obeyed her every command even though she was so small she fit in the palm of your hand. He even "marked" her as his territory every time they went outside to potty. He took great pride in grooming her as well; that went on for 11 years. Daily, he licked her face clean of any food remnants and eye bugars. He kept her ears so clean that the vet had difficulty believing her age because her ears were so clean. They loved to be together, laying on one another and standing or sitting side by side with their tails moving in sync.

Bo became very protective of me back in May of 1990. He knew before we did that a baby was on the way. Buffy soon caught on as well. The two of them who would normally allow anyone into our home now screened our visitors carefully.

Once the baby was born and we were still in the hospital my husband took my nightgown home to wash it. Of course, it had both my scent and our daughter's. Bo and Buffy went nuts with excitement! They had free reign of the waterbed but they both chose to sleep on the couch where my husband had placed my nightgown before washing it (so it didn't get washed for a couple of days). As the baby grew the dogs guarded her with great pride and took their job seriously. Our daughter, now 10, has never known her life to be without Bo or had to witness her best girl go through such pain.

Since Bo's death Buffy stopped eating like usual, sometimes eating only enough to kill any tummy pains she must have been having. She withdrew from activities like walking, running and playing. She also shied away from affection where she usually demanded it.

Her new chum, Coco, a 3 year old chocolate lab is getting her to come around. She sees some of Bo's mannerisms in him, we all do, and I think that comforts her. Coco, by no means, was to be a substitute for Bo, that's not fair to him or any of us, he's a reminder that life goes on and the pain doesn't have to last forever.

During my grieving I came to the conclusion that God made a dog's life so much shorter than a human's because there are so many dogs that need good homes, if a dog lived as long as a human look at how many more homeless dogs there would be or those of us who are dog lovers would receive citations for having too many dogs...

(I have also attached a picture taken approximately 1 month after we got Buffy; she's laying on him. And I have attached the last photo taken of Bo and Buffy (he's sleeping on her)).

This morning we lost Buffy. We had her put to sleep because she had difficulty breathing, seizures, and passing out, perhaps the early stages of lung cancer. She turned 13 in January.

Thanks, Angie

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