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Mojo was rescued by a group that specializes in feral cats. We didn't know much about his history, except that he was found with a slightly older white cat that didn't appear to be related to him. We fell in love with his beauty and wildness but also his wonderful trust. He'd dart under furniture like a wild creature when he was startled and then come out right away, his blue eyes full of curiosity, to see why the rest of us didn't go hide too. My teenaged son adored him. When Mojo started to become ill my son took care of most of his needs. The diagnosis was very difficult and it took several visits, each one adding a new medication until we had to post a large schedule on the refrigerator to keep track. Mojo became jaundiced and started to suffer from brain damage, including blindness. My son slept on the floor with him as he became more sick, and Mojo would sleep inside his sleeping bag. One of my favorite memories was when I came downstairs one morning and Mojo came out from the sleeping bag with a friendly meow while my son slept on. That morning it appeared that Mojo had made a slight recovery. He was no longer blind and wasn't crying in pain, so it gave me so much hope. Mojo had trouble staying warm, so when the boy wasn't home he slept in a basket near the woodstove or sat on the hearth. At long last the vet believed that Mojo was suffering from FIP. My understanding of FIP is that it's an incurable infection of a mutation of the corona virus that happens mostly to kittens, though not usually kittens as old as Mojo's, which was why it took so long to diagnose. Just over a month after we adopted him, we had to put Mojo to sleep. Those of you reading this understand how very difficult that was to do. We lost him just before Christmas 2007 and we're still reeling from his loss. The vet told us that if animals didn't go to heaven, she wasn't going. Me too. It's my deepest hope that we'll be reunited with Mojo someday. We all loved him dearly, and we miss him so much. Blessed be, Mojo. I hope wherever you are, you have a warm, soft place to sleep. I also hope our story encourages more research into FIP, so that someday we can quickly diagnose and fight back against this puzzling, devastating disease. Many thanks to the Camas-Washougal Animal Hospital and the Feline Medical Clinic of Vancouver, Washington. Your hard work and compassion didn't save Mojo's life, but it made all the positive difference in the world, and we're very grateful.

The Miller Family

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