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In Memory of Our Beloved...



All I wanted was a dog, and for my high school graduation my mom agents my grandmas’ wishes got me this precious little puppy who just fit in the palms of my hands and still had bit of a shake in her walk. She melted my heart. I love her right off the bat, she was my little girl. This was my little Megan or my moo moo. Megan had so much life to her. I think she robbed her whole litter of their personality and spunk it just all went to her.  She soon wormed her way into my grandparents’ hearts. Grandma was coming home with toys and treats for her all the time. And come mid afternoon I knew exactly where to find the two, curled up on the couch under a blanket watching soap’s.  She was my best friend, she went everywhere with me as a puppy. I even think some of my anti social tendencies rubbed off on her, she was not a fan of socializing with other dogs. The ball however was her life she would play ball 24/7 if she could. I still expect to have her pushing a ball on my lap or in my hand when I sit down at home. It is very quite now without her. She also had be beloved stuffed panda which was bigger than her. She loved to “beat up” her panda, we have had to repair him a few times and re-stuff his stuffing. She was also my walking partner. Megan was also my walking partner. She and I have walked many a miles together about 4-5 miles a day since she was probably about a year old. We got stopped a lot because she was so darn cute they would always ask how old your puppy, id say she is 6 just never is grew out of her puppy face. My walks just aren’t the same anymore, I have already been stopped a number of times from people I know and strangers asking me where she is at. They are shocked to hear she has passed on. My little Megan had a very bad seizure and had to be taken to the emergency vet on June 8th. Once I was able to get off work I went to the vets as fast as I could with tear blurred eyes. When I got there I was told she was on valium, morphine and anti-seizure meds. This is a lot of medication for an 8 lbs dog, though she knew I was there once I came in the exam room and spoke to her. I tried to be strong for her but it was hard. I had to put her down there was a good chance once off all theses meds she would go right back into the seizures. The vet said she had a tumor on her brain stem. I had to think about her quality of life and it wasn’t looking like she had much of one at this point. My mom sat there with me as I held Megan and cried. Megan kept her little nose right under mine; she kept breathing my air and sniffing all my tears. She even tried to lick my face and hands the best she could being as medicated as she was.  I was with her the whole time as she passed. That was one of the hardest things I have even done. That was my baby. She will be greatly missed, she had such an impact on my family. She had such a big attitude for a little dog and so much personality. There will never be another Megan and I will forever miss her and remember all the fun times we shared. I feel a great emptiness now without her.


We love and miss you so very very much,


Amanda and grandma and grandpa  

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