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This morning when I came out to Jake for a walk, I noticed that he seemed to not be doing well.  But, being in total denial I thought that I’d take him and Kai for walk anyway as I thought for sure he’d snap out of it as his walks were his absolute favorite.  But, as I got a few blocks and noticed that he wasn’t in the least enthusiastic, I knew something was terribly wrong.  I rushed him immediately to the vet and was told that my beautiful 12 1/2 year old dog Great Pry Mix Jake was suffering from bloat.  That’s when a stomach has basically inverted itself.  I guess this can happen with larger, older and less active dogs. The vet let us know that surgery was an option but with Jake’s health already spiraling down due to a back injury and the fact that I had to help him up when he fell while we went walking sometimes, I made the decision to not let him suffer any longer and to let my best friend go.  The vet also felt that Jake’s recovery wasn’t very promising.   
Though I know putting him down today was the right decision, I can’t stop feeling that my heart is breaking.  Many people wouldn’t understand how I could love a dog so much. But, I know there are many people out there who do.  And to those who can feel my pain and have lost a pet they have loved so much, I’m sending you a BIG hug today, as I’m sure you are doing the same back to me. Jake was such a HUGE part of my life for so many years.  He was my Sunday afternoon and was always there when I needed a big white fluffy pillow to lean and cry on when I was lonely.  He was my family when I didn’t have one of my own.  He loved me unconditionally.  And though he wasn’t perfect, I truly feel God brought him to the pound that day 12 years ago for me to see and fall in love with.  Jake was meant to be my dog.  I don’t think there would have been anyone else who would have put up with the number of shenanigans that he put me through.  And for many of you who have heard the crazy Jake stories you know what I’m talking about.  But, I think that’s what made Jake so special to me and different from any other dog.  He and I grew up together and he taught me how to love more than I ever thought I could, to be responsible and to truly take care of something even when times got tough.  Jake taught me how to be a good mother.
My brother said something today that kind of hit home for me.  Jake was there when I really needed him.  And now that I’m happily married, have a new baby and my life is going in a new and wonderful direction, that possibly Jake knew his job helping and supporting me and being my best friend here on earth was done.  So, maybe today Jake was ready to say goodbye.  But, unfortunately I wasn’t quite ready to do the same.  But, then I guess you never are ready to say goodbye to someone you love.  I know time will heal this pain I’m feeling.  And also in time thinking of Jake will only make me smile. But, right now it just kind of hurts… A LOT!  As always, thanks for your love & support…  Phew!  It’s been a tough year.  I hope this email finds you and your family (including your pets!) doing well.  If you have a pet, please give it some extra lovin’ today and a big kiss for dear ol’ Jake… aka “Bud”
Hugs & Kisses!


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