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It is with an absolutely broken heart I tell you all that I lost my dearest Tucker this past Sunday. He waited for mom to get home from her trip to Florida before he went to the Rainbow Bridge to be with his sister Shelby. Less than three weeks ago he quit eating, we found a mass in his liver with xrays and an ultrasound. It was a blessing he went fast and didn't suffer much.
> What a man he was !!!!! Tucker is my once in a lifetime obedience partner - he absolutely LOVED to show and he told everyone at the shows that he did !!! He would let out a big woof when I sent him over a jump and all would laugh !!! And boy could Tuck jump - he sailed over the jumps with the greatest of ease and the crowd would cheer for him !!! Tuck knew when the people were clapping for him and was such a big ham !!! He was my noisy boy - not your typical lab with all of his talking !!! I was on my 4th no-bark shock collar with him !!! He always wanted to get the last word in !!! All who knew my Tucker loved him - he was such a lover boy, a mama's boy and my snuggle bug !! He had the softest coat that was so wonderful to snuggle with. Being such a mama's boy, he had a hard time with the out-of-sight sits and downs, the easiest points you can get in the obedience ring, and lost points for crying and creeping cuz his mom left him maybe never to return !!! Also, the teeter totter in agility was too scary too cuz it moved !!! If he did it before the dogwalk, he was done !!! Boy could he weave tho - the more the merrier !! Tucker earned his AKC UDX title in 19 shows which made his mama very proud. He got tired of the heeling tho so went on to the UKC (United Kennel Club) venue and he earned what we believe is the first Montana dog to EVER earn his UKC Obedience Championship !! All of our friends in Great Falls were very proud that Tucker earned this title at their shows. Tucker also earned his ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club) Utility Dog title while earning 4 high combined scores and 3 high in trial scores !!! What a man he was !!! With these scores he earned 7 duffle bags through the Wild Wild West ASCA and we shared them with our dogworld friends, Lynne, Helen, Jill and Curtis. Tucker was a big part of Cristibar Obedience classes for 11 years - he demonstrated at the start of each new class every 8 weeks and loved it !!!
> I am glad if you knew my Tucker - he will always hold a very special place in my heart, never to be forgotten and I can't even begin to tell you how much I will miss my snuggle bug, Tuck. God bless your heart Tucker and I will see at the Rainbow Bridge - remember mom loves you !!!


Barb H.



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