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Born on August 24, 1992 and raised in the bustling ski town of Mammoth Lakes, California, Tioga (Prince of the Sierra) was the ever-present sidekick to his year-older cousin Tenaya (Jewel of the Sierra). The two yellow labs were our first "kids," proving if we could handle these two rascals, actual children would be no problem (raising Alec, Katie and Ryan has since proved us right).
Imagine (as a dog) the joy of knowing an afternoon walk would be enjoyed above timberline in the nearby John Muir or Ansel Adams Wilderness Areas. Winters spent rolling in the snow, summers swimming in alpine lakes. Not bad at all.
We eventually moved from the Sierras to Flagstaff, Arizona for a time, then settled permanently in Vancouver, Washington. The two dogs were like peas in a pod, sleeping together, sunning in the backyard together, enjoying their walks along Vancouver Lake and Salmon Creek.
Tioga and Tenaya eventually had a new puppy pal, Ollie, to entertain and amuse them. Tenaya reached the ripe old age of 13 before a sudden heart attack snatched her away from us in 2004. Fortunately, Tioga had Ollie, Ollie had Tioga, and the two became best friends.
In 2007, Tioga's age was catching up with him, his rear legs becoming weaker, his arthritis more pronounced. We resorted to carrying him outside to take care of business, then returning him to his comfy sheepskin dogbed. We did this for six months, before coming to the difficult realization Tioga's existence was rather tenuous, his quality of life severely curtailed. The dog that splashed happily in High Sierra lakes and streams was still with us, but no longer really "here." His eyesight and hearing failing, we chose to bring him to the good folks at East Mill Plain Animal Hospital, where he had been so well-cared-for over the past decade. Dr. Witherspoon helped Tioga cross the Rainbow Bridge on January 7, 2008, cradled in our arms, at the end of 15 wonderful years of loyalty, dedication, and frolic.
We'll miss Tioga, Prince of the Sierra, but take solace knowing he's busy chasing rabbits again with Tenaya.

Becky and Jim B.



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