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In Memory of Our Beloved...



We adopted Sunny at the age of 17 months.  She was an energetic puppy with no manners and would run away any time she was given the opportunity.  When trying to catch her she would not come to us.  That meant calling one of the neighbors or if a stranger was in the area asking them to catch her. She went to obedience training and although still not perfect was much better.  Through the years she became a wonderful dog and the past 11 years a devoted companion and part of our family.
 I made her a bed in our dining room, but she did not like that.  She chose to sleep under our antique bed or beside my chair in the living room.  She loved her morning walk in the park.  Probably her favorite food was cheese, but only got a small amount.  Her allergy to wheat made it a challenge finding dog food for her. 
Visiting the veterinary clinic was not a favorite.  I would take her into have her toenails clipped.  When she saw the clippers she would set up a loud howl.  When she wanted attention, to go outside or a treat she talked “with her feet”.  She would smack us on the leg with her paw.  She seldom whined and barking was limited to when the doorbell rang and when outside, at strangers walking by.  All of the closet doors had to be kept closed, as she would run off with the shoes.  She loved squeaky toys.  Every evening she would get one out and have a playtime with us.  
We were devastated when we were told she had cancer.   She passed away on December 19, 2007 leaving a big void in our home and in the neighborhood.  She was everyone’s friend.  She won the hearts of everyone that came in contact with her.
We want to thank the staff of VCA Tanglewilde Animal Hospital for the wonderful care they gave Sunny and the donation to the WSU Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Westcott and the staff were most supportive of us and in the care they gave Sunny. 
We love you Sunny, but know you are in a better place and at peace.. 

Jack and Jo Ann G.




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